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Line of Rays

William Patrick from Epic Church in Decatur, AL brings us this awesome LED tape design, along with an exhaustive explanation of how they accomplished it.

From William: As we approached Easter services for 2018, we knew we wanted to redesign our stage to have a fresh new look, as well as, tackle a few challenges that we were facing with the existing design. We were given a budget of $2000 for the entire redesign. Several example drawings of possible designs were created, and a final design was approved mid-February. Drawings for the stage layout, assembly plans, and building design were made, along with a build schedule for teams who would be helping redesign the stage.

We had two days to complete the redesign and began teardown Sunday night about 7:30PM. The stage was completely cleared off with gear organized and any necessary maintenance performed; cables were rolled, labeled, and organized according to where they would be installed in the next design. The build team arrived after teardown and began building the support structure. It consists of three 12’X12’ framed wall sections attached together with additional structural support at the top. The structure was then painted black and connected to hoists to lift it vertically before adding support legs and mounting it to the stage deck.

On Monday, the production crew began running audio lines for the stage, as well as power for the back LED Tape wall. The LEDs would be mounted to the wooden support structure and consist of 12 horizontal lines, each made up of two (2) 5 meter LED tape strands, ten (10) LED diffusers, two (2) DMX Decoders, and two (2) 12V Power supplies. The diffuser bars were spaced vertically 1’ apart and screwed into the wooden support structure. LED Tape was then run from the center to the outside to make sure spacing was even. The bars don’t run the full width of the support structure which allowed power supplies and DMX decoders to be mounted to the end spaces.

While diffusers and LED tape were being installed, the center screen was assembled and flown. We wanted to implement a large center 16:9 aspect screen and were able to find one online from retailer “Carl’s Place.” We were incredibly impressed with how fast it shipped, the build quality, and how easy it was to assemble. The screen was attached to a truss system using wire cable and flown at the back of the stage in front of the LED Tape Wall. Also flown above the stage were nine (9) Mac 101 Wash LED fixtures, three (3) Blizzard RokBox’s, six (6) Elation LED TriPar’s, and two (2) Blizzard HotBox’s. Six (6) Elation Platinum Spot LED II’s were placed on the stage deck about 4’ in front of the LED Tape wall.

The stage assembly was completed by Tuesday evening which allowed us to complete a full soundcheck with the worship band and begin building cuelists and presets for worship songs. Wednesday night was the first rehearsal with our speakers and monologues which allowed us to finish building out cuelists and presets for speaking parts. Thursday night we had a full-dress rehearsal and made minor changes to positioning and speaking locations on stage. We kicked off our first Easter service on Friday night, had one service on Saturday, and two services Sunday morning. The stage design was a hit and allowed us to fill the stage with light while keeping a majority of the stage deck open for people to move around.

Inspiration from:

LED Pixel Wall – Steven Hall, Journey Church

LED Drops – LightPixel, Central Church Miami

Reach Out – Chris Leigh, Jubilee Fellowship Church

What We Purchased

DMX Controller for LED Tape: Lixida 3-Channel Decoder

LED Tape : Supernight 300LED 5M 5050 Strip

Power Supply: DC 12V 5A 60W

Power Supply Connections

Light Diffusers

Center Screen: 10.5’ x 18’ Flexigray Hanging Screen


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4 responses to “Line of Rays”

  1. Ryan says:

    Any way to obtain a wiring diagram for this?

  2. Timothy says:

    Thank you so much for this design idea. We finally got it complete. Here is a video with the wall in the background! Enjoy

  3. Daniel G. says:

    Looks amazing! Quick question: do you have the LEDs running behind the screen? If so, do they bleed through the screen?

  4. Charlie says:

    What kind of projector are you using?

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