Stage Designs

Throwback: Project: Boxes

Paul Snyder from Fairfax Community Church in Fairfax, VA brings us this awesome piece of 3d projection and masking. (Originally from July 2012)

They wanted to create something unique on their stage for a new series called “Rescuing Ambition.” As they talked about the series, they liked the idea of portraying how we try to climb higher and higher towards success. They came up with the concept of cubes stacked on the stage with projection on it. So how to do it?

They researched various ways to build boxes on their own, using PVC and scrim or metal trusses. But they finally came to the solution of giant white boxes. They found 4x4ft shipping cartons and 2x2ft boxes. They had to paint the 4x4ft boxes with a glossy white paint that would be a good projection surface. Then they arranged them onstage and, with two projectors, masked the actual shape of the boxes. They took that into Photoshop to create their graphics. We used the same mask in their VJ equipment for motion.

At the end of the series, they repurposed the boxes for their next series, “Move.” They found a new arrangement for the boxes that looked fresh and created new masks.

Cross Hatched Design Line of Rays