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The New Igniter Media

Have you seen the new Igniter Media? I might be partial because I used to work with the team there, but I love it. They’ve merged Graceway Media and Igniter Media into one massive library of awesomeness. Crazier than that, they’ve included tons of content from other producers like Visual Media Church, SundaySocial.tv, Centerline, Dan Stevers, Journey Box Media, Floodgate Productions, Pixel Preacher, Ministry Pass, and more.

You should definitely check out this resource while you’re designing your next stage. What you project on the screens or hand to your people in print form can help compliment and accentuate what’s going on in the service.

In addition to worship backgrounds, sermon series artwork, and service graphics, they have product types that go beyond the screens on Sunday morning, including social graphics and print-ready media (bulletins, notecards, banners, and more).

For the cost of a few microphones, you could seriously up the visual game at your church. Check them out!

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