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Triangle Projection Screen

Steven Hall with brings us this unique design at Life.Church.

Last fall the team at Life.Church rolled out new stage designs throughout most of their campuses. Mod Scenes helped Life.Church create 32′ x 18′ projection backdrops using coroplast cutouts. As with their other products, these panels were made of fire rated plastic. Each backdrop was made to a 16:9 format to make projection easy and eliminate the need for masking.

Here is how the Triangle Projection Screen was built.

First a 35′ wide pipe was hung from manual chain hoists so that the backdrop could be raised as it was built. This made it easy to have lots of people work on the set at once. Next the team loosely zip tied on black Mod Scenes connectors. Then the first row of Triangular panels was attached to these connectors with nylon carriage bolts and wing nuts. Once the first row was all attached, the zip ties were tightened, ensuring the row was level. Next they attached another row of black connector plates.

Each additional row was attached in a similar fashion, using nylon bolts and wingnuts to attach rows of panels, then rows of connector plates.

Each backdrop was projected onto with a single Epson Pro L1505U laser projector (12k). The projectors were fitted with a Epson V12H004U04 short throw lense. The team at Summit Integrated Systems assisted the team at Life.Church with the installation of the video systems.

In total, Life.Church has installed this or similar projection screens throughout 26 of their campuses.

Total, used 4 different projection sets across their different campuses. They are all available through

You can see some of the great visuals the team at Life.Church create with the Triangle Projection Set below.

Throwback: Flourishing Throwback: Scattered Light

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  1. Abraham says:

    Are the short throw projects on top of the screen?

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