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Throwback: Flourishing

Laura Blechle from South Telegraph Christian Church in St. Louis, MO brings us this flourishy set design. (Originally posted January 2012)

They made 4’ x 4’ panels out of 2”x2”’s and ¼” luan. They took an ivy pattern, traced it onto plywood, cut it out and created a template. Then they laid out their panels and used the template to create a running vine up the panels.

Once they were all cut, they painted them using a ragging off technique. They were hung with a wire running through the framing boards and separated with little wire cable clamps. The lights against the back scrim shone through the cut-outs in the panels.

Finally, it was framed with sheer curtains that were gathered with a fat rope and stuffed with batting to give a Victorian feel.

Towered Rugged Triangle Projection Screen

12 responses to “Throwback: Flourishing”

  1. Tim Sherwood says:

    I LOVE this look. Very classy. Well done.

  2. Jeremiah says:

    VERY cool use of the curtains and design overall!

  3. Caitlyn says:

    This is UNBELIEVABLE, Just stunning, I can’t stop looking at it. What a beautiful setup, thank you for sharing this :)

  4. Vince says:

    very nice! Is there any way to get the design templates you made?

  5. Justin Price says:

    we ended up making our own flourish pattern as were short on time.
    thought Id share how ours came out. thanks for the inspiration

    We backed each piece with coroplast, and aimed color lights from behind to make the white glow different colors to match the color theme of the stage.

    if I get a chance I’ll take a pic with the lights on.

  6. andy says:

    Can you tell what type of cable clamp you used and where you found them?

  7. I bought the clamps at Home Depot – if you look them up online, they are called Lehigh wire clamps. These will hold the panels in place so the spacing is what you want.

  8. Andy says:

    Laura – thanks for the info. I’m new to this, can you tell how you attached it at the ceiling? What gauge did wire did you use?

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