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Towered Rugged

The design was made for the Holy Spirit Night 2018 in Munich, a youth event organized by an association of different churches in Munich called ‘Evangelische Allianz’.

From Florian: The theme for this year was True Story. Honesty – authenticity – realness.

Jonathan Schlund and I had had the idea to make it feel a bit like home, like a living room. Home normally feels familiar, that’s a place where I can get honest and don’t need to hide myself. We tried to express that feeling through something wooden, because wood feels warm and you can find it in a living room pretty often.

The other idea we had was to keep everything open… We didn’t want to hide stuff, when the preacher talks about not hiding stuff – REALNESS

So Jonathan and I wanted to bring the two ideas together, the warm wooden look and to open up the venue. There was just one ‘problem’ – the location was an old industry hall, which naturally brings more like a cold look. The solution for us were palettes. Palettes are made of wood and have that warm characteristic, but also are used in the industry.

Jonathan had the idea how we could build them and I placed them randomly across the stage. We wanted to bring the randomness to make it look more natural. A living room isn’t furnished symmetric normally.

To build the whole design we had one day, we started at 7 am. Jonathan’s team built all the palette towers outside the venue, while my team rigged all the lights. At about 2 pm all the trusses were pulled up and Jonathan and his team placed all the palette towers on the stage. At about 5 or 6 pm everything was ready and worked.

Lighting Design:

In front of every palette tower we placed an LED Bar and behind that a PAR 64 to shoot through the gaps of the palette. This turned out to be an amazing beautiful warm effect. You kind of make a gobo with the palettes which looks so cool! For Trussing I had the idea to hang asymmetric trusses to keep the random style.

Spots: We placed the Spots randomly on stage and on the trusses. To keep it simple when it comes to programming the spots, I wanted to hang them parallel to the stage. I had the idea to use a t-piece truss. On every t-piece we rigged a spot and a 4-lite blinder on top. (You can see the construction in the rigging plan). To build the construction, we did everything we could do on the trusses. So we rigged and wired all the lights except for the spots and the blinders. At last we bent the trusses at the final degree value and hung all the t-pieces with the spots and the blinders.

Washer: The washer were not hung random, but in my opinion they kind of seemed to be random and not random at the same time.

There were four things I wanted to to with wash lights. First thing was to bring colour on stage and colour up the band from behind. Second thing was to light up the band from both sides . These are the two things I normally always do. But honestly: I love how you can bring a different layer on stage so easily by just placing some lights on the side (…and using them). Third thing I wanted to do is to light up the roof of the venue so that we could open it up and to show what’s up there. Remember, we’re not hiding anything. And the fourth thing was to use it as an effect lighting fixture.

That’s why I chose to have two different types of washer. The smaller LED washer I mainly wanted to use as an effect fixture, but not solely. The bigger ones I used for all the other stuff.

Spikies: I wanted a lighting fixture to light up the rear wall and also have the chance to do other stuff with it. At first I thought at the GLP Impression X4 Bar 20 (basically a roto LED Bar), but because of financial reasons our technical supply offered us spikies, so we had spikies. That’s something I wish it would have worked better. The rear wall had kind of a big step so the effect wasn’t really visible. But luckily we had moving lights, so we could use them in different ways.

Beams: I didn’t want to have beam lights because, it would not have fitted in the design, I think. We didn’t want a modern beam show, more different pictures sometimes majestic, sometimes small and warm, etc.

Video Design:

Our video guys wanted to have two screens. One for live content and one for media content. We decided to have a smaller and a bigger one to fit in the ‘random’ design.

Gear List:

16x Martin MAC Viper

20x JB Lighting Sparx 7

16x JB Lighting Sparx 10

20x Robe Spikie

8x 4-Lite Blinder

16x Elation SIXBAR 1000

16x Floorlight PAR64

14x ARRI Junior 2000W

5x ARRI Junior 1000W

8x Conerfix t-piece

20x SGM P5 (hall lighting)

1x MDG Atmosphere Hazer

1x MA Lighting GrandMA 2 Fullsize

1x MA Lighting NPU

All Pictures at the event were made by: Matthias Kriechbaum
Stage design: Jonathan Schlund & Florian Fritsch
Lighting design: Florian Fritsch
Lighting Op: Thomas Langeder & Florian Fritsch
Director: Matthias Bender
TL: Florian Herzog
Technical supply: Satis&Fy

I designed the stage with Capture Sweden and did all the technical Plots with Vectorworks (educational version).

Throwback: Cubist Stained Glass Throwback: Flourishing

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