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Bricks and Boxes

Dan Gomes and Pedro Medeiros from Igreja Oceânica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil brings us this cool vibe.

The design consisted of four columns of brick walls + Edison bulbs hanging from the ceilings + some cubes made of light-colored pine wood. They added some rugs on the stage to compliment the look, then they put spots of light (LED Par cans) scattered across the stage along with some moving heads in the background. Halogen lights for the musicians, and LED strip lights for the columns.

The total budget was about $650 USD. They used 6.5cm x 6.5cm beams and 5x2cm boards, 10mm styrofoam boards, hot glue, paint, and wood screws.

The cubes were cut at 45 degrees and glued and screwed together.

The brick columns were made of boxes with a wooden strip structure covered with 6 mm MDF finishing the structure.

Styrofoam bricks were cut one by one with a guide. Then they were shaped with a flame to be damaged and rustic in appearance.

Then they were painted light gray and glued to the wooden columns with hot glue (which were painted dark gray imitating cement).

Stained Glass Clock Lit Up

5 responses to “Bricks and Boxes”

  1. Mozart Tinoco says:

    Wonderful design. Perfectly tuned to the praise atmosphere, as we worshiped our mighty God. A piece of worship in its own.

    God bless you all!

  2. Danae says:

    Question regarding hanging Edison lights….are those wired into your light board? Or, run separately somehow? Would love some details.

    • Dan gomes says:

      ola Danae , as luzes de filamento ou de edison como chamam , sao ligadas juntas mas com dimerização dimer . que podem ser controladas pela mesa de luz

  3. David says:

    How did the brick towers stay upright? And is that foam that you painted to look brick-like?

    • Dan gomes says:

      Fizemos uma estrutura de madeira com uma chapa fina para servir de base e depois colamos os tijolos de isopor com cola quente , eles foram pintados de cinza claro pra parecer tijolos de cimento . Em algumas fotos da pra ver esses detalhes .

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