Stage Designs

Stained Glass Clock

Matthew Sturm from Christ Church of Oak Brook in Oak Brook, IL brings us this cool stained glass look.

From Matthew: This design was based off of our SOLA series about the reformation. We wanted to give the feeling of an old church with the stone and stained glass.


Sketchup for the design
12 4×8 sheets of 1″ rigid foam insulation
8 4×8 sheets of 1/4″ black foam core for “stain glass”
Jig Saw
Hot knife kit from
Paint, sponge and rollers
Cellophane ( different colors for stained glass)
Hot glue gun
Heat Gun

Our stage area that I have to work with is 30′ wide, 11′ tall and 16″ deep. One of my biggest challenge is to create a feeling of depth and height. I used SketchUp to get the basic design and how to lay out the 4×8 sheets of insulation. I was able to lay out the sheets and use the measurements to create the “mortar” and “cut” lines. The main half circle I was able to use string to make the circle, I found that using a piece of wood compass for the smaller circles was more accurate then string. After all the lines have been drawn time to start cutting and carving. I was able to get a straight hot knife from harbor fright for under $20 – that’s what I used for the main cutting. The other hot knife I used was more for the mortar lines and fine details. After all the cutting I used a heat gun on the whole surface to help create the “stone” texture.

For the Stained Glass I used the foam core, After the template was made, I found it way faster to use a Jig Saw to cut out 3 or 4 half’s at a time ( if you do this make sure they do not move, I used screws and tape to hold them in place). Used different color cellophane and hot clue on the back side to make the glass panels.

Painting – Rolled on a base coat and sponged on the 2 other colors. We have stone in our space already so we did our best to match it.

Like a puzzle we put it together with tape and bubble gum. I used a wood frame on the top and added support where needed.

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