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Turn Back Time

Andrew Muth from LifePoint Church in Reisterstown, MD brings us this beautiful clock stage design.

The design was based off the clock at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. The concept was to be inside the clock, which is why they built support beams and steel-like structures. The steel structure lookalikes were made out of wood. The horizontal beam was two 16′ 2x12s lapped together in the back. They put foam board on the top and bottom to give it an “I-beam” look. Same with the vertical beams. They were 2x6s with foam caps.

The curved structures on the side were 2×4 towers that held the beam up and were covered in .25″ ply that bent easily to get the curve.

The clock itself was made of .5″ ply cut with a router. The numbers were .25 ply. All black sections were wood and the white was Coroplast.

The center gearing system was cut from plywood. They made a planetary gear system with a 1-12 ratio so it actually functioned and kept time. It was powered by a step motor. So the center gear drove the minute hand, and the 3 orbiting gears powered the hour hand that moved at 1/12th the speed.

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