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Stained Beauty

Mary Mokher from Christ Fellowship in Miami, Florida brings us this stunning stained glass look for their Easter services.

They printed stain glass panels on 36-inch by 84-inch clear film that was the attached to their clear Coroplast wall (from their previous set). They also used black Coroplast to make the stain glass window frames (you could also use black gaffe tape). The cross was recycled from last year. It was a 6 foot cross made of clear Coroplast.

Then they printed a marble graphic on backlit paper and then wrapped the cross to give it a new look. They used LED lights in the cross. The panels were backlit also with LEDs. They have 5 other campus that they made individual panels that were hung using pipe and drape.

IMG_3342-2 Pic-1 pic-2 pic-4 pic-5 pic-6

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6 responses to “Stained Beauty”

  1. Dennis Pierce says:

    Could you possibly send me the graphics you used to print out?

  2. Way to go Mary, it really looked beautiful!

  3. Brooke says:

    I love this, great job! We are doing a stained glass Easter this year and I would be grateful if you are willing to share files with me also please?

  4. Grace says:

    Is the “previous set design” on this site? We are trying to do something similar to this backdrop look.

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