Christmas Designs

What Wood Jesus Do?

Justin Johnson from Elevate Life Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us these multiple uses of pallets.

Pallet Walls

  • (4) 4’x8’ 3/4” Pine wood plywood panels were used as the foundation.
  • Strips of pallet wood were deconstructed and applied to the Pine wood plywood with 1 1/4” deck screws
  • Strips were applied in a staggered pattern and then trimmed on edges of the Pine Wood to make square edges.
  • They made sure to vary the darker and lighter pieces of wood.

Wood Strip Lanterns

  • (5) strips of flexible door trim wood were used to make these lanterns.
  • (3) strip were screwed to together vertically with small bolts and nuts and then spread open.
  • (2) strips were screwed together horizontally with small bolts and nuts and then spread open.
  • The vertical strip sections and the horizontal sections were then screwed together to make 1 completed lantern.
  • They finished the lantern off with a chorded Edison Bulb.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

  • They used 4”x4” timbers to create the base and vertical foundation of the tree.
  • Then they used base boards from pallet wood to make the horizontal foundation of the tree.
  • Once the foundation was in place, they gave a volunteer an air compressor and a nail gun and told him to have fun.
  • Once completed, they topped it off with a custom wood star and vintage colored Christmas lights.
  • The tree took around 40+ pallets to complete. At some point they lost count of pallets.

Wood “Jesus” Marquee

  • 3/4” plywood was used to cut out the letters
  • (17) 1”x4”x14″ pine wood planks were then air-stapled to the plywood horizontally to create the plank look. Once the planks were air-stapled to the plywood letters, they trimmed excess.
  • Once the letters were fully done, they air-nailed smaller pieces around the edges to give the marquee look.
  • They finished the design off with some Edison inspired Christmas light strands. Holes were drilled through the letters and the bulbs were inserted from behind.
  • Completed JESUS marquee was then hung by chain and eye-screws.

Marquee Build 1

Marquee Build 2

Marquee Build 3

Marquee Build 4

Marquee Build 5

Marquee Build 6

Marquee Build 7

Marquee Final

Pallet Wall Build 1

Pallet Wall Build 2

Stage Final 1

Stage Final 2

Stage Final 3

Stage Final 4

Stage Final 5

Stage Final 6

Stage Final 7

Stage Final 8

Tree Build 1

Tree Build 2

Tree Build 3  Tree Build 5

Tree Build 6

Tree Final 1

Tree Final 2

Tree Final 3

Tree Star Pieces

Tree Star

Wood Lantern

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