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Christina MacDowell from Assembly Christian Center in New Iberia, LA brings us this cool bike wheel design.

They did this stage design to go with a sermon series called Training Wheels. They wanted to come up with something completely original, so they came up with the idea of bikes riding on hills of wheels.

They used 30 bicycle wheels that they found by calling local bike shops and and hitting up some garage sales. Most of the bike shops were more than happy to give them their left over bike wheels and didn’t charge them for them. The 2 bikes were also donated to them. They spray painted the wheels white, blue, green, orange and red and also spray painted the bikes white. Once they were dry, they laid the wheels out in the pattern they wanted then started zip tying them together in different sections. Their team hung the sections with black Paracord, then zip tied the sections together so it would be one full piece. They then added the bikes on top. Total budget was around $100 for spray paint and Paracord.





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  1. Dave says:

    Love this design. Very cool idea!

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