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Throwback: Wherefore Art Thou

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this Roman era architecture stage design. (Originally posted August 2013)

The main set pieces were constructed of construction foam board by their carpenters in-house and painted. The fabric columns were sewn by one of their staff members who is a seamstress and fitted with conduit in either end to hold shape. The floor for this design was painted using large stencils cut in cobblestone shapes created by their carpenters which were then painted and detailed by their summer staff.

The set was largely utilized for themed skits, and a reference for teachings for the various events and church groups that were in the facility over the summer months. Pieces were also utilized late in the spring for a local Christian high school’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast.






Throwback: Tangled Boxes Diamonds and Circles

One response to “Throwback: Wherefore Art Thou”

  1. Johnathan Ness says:

    The Band in the 1st and 2nd pictures are an amazing band!!!
    also the set is awesome!

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