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White Duct Tape

Bear Cherian from Victory Church in Audubon, PA brings us this super inexpensive stage accent.

He was inspired by Tape Burst or Ribbon Dance. They opted for white duct tape since they wanted something opaque and inexpensive.

On the left side, they anchored strands of tape to the floor with wood beams and sandbags. On the right side they used the drum riser as their anchor point. They ran them up to pipes they had hanging overhead.

They also hung some white fabric they already had along the back and projected a graphic for the series.

Total Cost: $6.97 for one roll of White Duct Tape.

Check out Bear’s blog for more info.

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One response to “White Duct Tape”

  1. Jeny De Figueiredo says:

    What a great effect for so little expense! Love it!

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