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Who Framed Jesus?

Jason Medlin from Lake Arlington Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas brings us this tightly woven backdrop with a framed “Jesus” in front.

They used blue foam board and PVC pipe to make this large scale design. The blue board was cut into 1 ft strips and gorilla taped together. Then they primed them with a grey paint and applied a silver glitter dusting so the colors would shine.

Once the 25 ft strips were taped together, they simply ran them in a lattice format and tie wrapped them to the PVC.

They had them front and back lit with Elation color strips – 4 in the front and 4 in the back on each side.

Total cost was around 250 dollars for the foam boards, 300 dollars in paint, and 100 dollars in PVC.

Each side was 20 feet long by 16 feet high.

To add a little extra element to the design they arranged frames and the name of Jesus in front of the structures.

Paper Diamonds Wood Gaps

3 responses to “Who Framed Jesus?”

  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for a peek behind your beatiful design. It de-mystified it perfectly!

  2. kunle says:

    thank you for this design, God bless you

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