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Wide Eyes

Brandon and Jeremy from Journey Christian Church in Apopka, Florida brings us this cool wide design.

They used luan and 1X4’s to make 8ft x 2ft boxes. Then they used 4 strips of 24 volt LED tape inside each box spaced 4 inches apart, spanning edge to edge, longways for even coverage (sectioned into pairs to give more control and color options), cut to fit. Then they used 2 pieces of acrylic to diffuse and douse. The first was a foggy piece to diffuse the effect. Then the second piece was charcoal to dim it since the 24v tape was quite bright. As an added bonus, it makes the boxes almost completely disappear when they are not on!

The screen is a porous material made for projecting on (no seams) from Rose Brand, stretched across a 32ft x 10ft frame made of 1x4s, meticulously stapled on the back to prevent wrinkles on the front. They hung it all with chain hoists purchased at Harbor Freight on various hang points (some lighting bars and structural steel depending on need. Then adjusted for level. Using ProPresenter, they have the TripleWide Module installed and edge blend 3 projectors for a smooth, beautiful look. They use some custom, and some motion backgrounds. Paired with that are two white walls that they project on to create Environmental Projection.

After that, they hung lights (they owned 16 Elation OptiTri Pars already) on a bar behind the screen to back light the band, and on the band risers primarily for beams in the haze. They purchased 5 Elation SixPars, and hung them over the singers downstage. They also salvaged from their stock 2 Elite Servo Spot 250’s for a little motion, and texture. Note: Some of the pictures shown are from Easter when they overlayed 6 Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures to supplement the rig. The rest of the lighting are conventional Source 4 Lekos, and ParNel fixtures. They control it with Jands Vista S1 on 2 universes.

Refragmented Neural

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