Kids/Youth Designs

Wild West Kiddos

Mike Nyce and Jon Adams from First Baptist Church of Perkasie in Perkasie, PA bring us this cool summer kids camp set.

From the team: Every year we have over 500 kids and volunteers attend our summer kids camp. We put on a live skit everyday for the kids which requires us to build awesome sets each year. This years theme was “The Wild West”. We built the entire set in one of our facilities over the course of 3 weeks.

  • 300 2x4s
  • 150 2x3s
  • 20 2x6s
  • 50 sheets of plywood
  • 100lbs of 2 1/2 wood screws
  • 15 gallons of paint
  • 10 cans of spray paint
  • Overall was around $3,000 for supplies as some were donated.

We started off with the basic structure of surrounding set pieces. Building the bases and platform we were able to add multiple dimensions and levels to the set. We build usually in 3 locations. The left side of the stage, the middle and the right. The left side was a train/train station, the middle was a saloon type building and the right was the two and water tower. Most of the set was built with 2x4s and plywood. The platforms were made with 2x6s After the set was built it took about a days worth of painting and spray painting the details to make the set come to life.

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