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Wirey Frames

Lance Rosenthal from Faith Center in Rockford, Illinois brings us this cool use of chicken wire.

Each frame was made of 2×4 inch lumber, built at 3×4 feet in size. The backs of the frames were covered with chicken wire stapled. The frames were screwed to four black twelve-foot 2×4 inch boards bolted to the three ten-foot trusses with U bolts. A twelve foot board was secured at the top of the frames on the top and secured at the bottom of the frames on the bottom. A sixteen inch piece of 2×4 inch board was used to secure the frames on the top to the frames on the bottom.

LED lights were aimed on each box to reflect on the metal surface of the chicken wire. Two LED lights were clamped to the truss and aimed at the ceiling.

This project costs about $450 for black paint, 168 feet of 2×4 inch lumber, chicken wire, and U bolts.

Total time spent to complete the design was three days.

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