Christmas Designs

Wood on Red

Mark Crandall from Blue Ridge Gospel Tabernacle in Rocky Mount, VA brings us this nice mixture of red with the warmth of wood.

They needed something simple and and cheap. They found exactly what they needed in the reclaimed idea. They purchased about $60 worth of red fabric from a local antique market and cut it to 5’/12′. They also bought Christmas lights and bigger christmas style bulbs before they were in demand. After making some calls to members of their church, they picked up some old barn wood and some antique Christmas string lights at no charge. For the measurements on the trees, they tied string from the top board to the bottom board. For the outside lights, they screwed 2”/4” boards to the ceiling with screw hooks every 8 inches or so and ran their lights from top to bottom.



Pallets on a Tiered Stage Christmas, Blown Up