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Wooden Confetti

Austin Whelan from Hope Church in Dallas, Georgia brings us this deconstructed pallet design.

Most warehouses will beg for you to come get their pallets, so that’s exactly what he did.

Materials used:
30-40 double sided wooden pallets (free)
18 2X4X14 & 6 2X4X8 ($130)
Box of screws ($7)

They built frames 14′ tall and 4’wide using the 2X4’s. Then they spent hours tearing apart the pallets and drilled them across the frames.

They used twelve Par 64 Leds to do downlight across the top of each frame and mounted eight Par 56 Leds inside the frames to add a little extra backlighting across the stage.

Examples in Foam Carnival Christmas

7 responses to “Wooden Confetti”

  1. Mason says:

    I love the big highway railing on the front of the stage, is that for decorative purposes or does it actually do something?

  2. Craig Taylor says:

    How do your musicians see music? Enough backlight to make it seeable or what?

  3. Austin Whelan says:

    Howdy Craig. Most of our musicians either memorize their music or use iPads as their cheat sheet.

  4. Ellen Jervis says:

    Did you spray something on the pallets to make them fire retardant?

  5. Using wood as a stage design building material is always beautiful. I love when designers bring natural materials into a set.

  6. Duane Dodge says:

    How do you incorporate the use of the 50″ screens on stage into the design
    Do you have any pics of how they look while on.
    I’m thinking of doing something like this on a stage with screens.
    How do you send data to the screens ?

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