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Mario Deleon from Refuge Church in Fort Worth, TX brings us this design for their XO marriage conference.

The XO letters were traced onto Coroplast sheets with a projector. They used a total of two 4×8 Coroplast sheets for the letters and added sides for depth. They used a glue gun to secure sides to letters. Time to complete “XO” letters was about 5 hrs.

Triangles in the rear were made from Coroplast as well and attached to each other with small zip ties.

Pallet Canvas Revolutions

3 responses to “XO”

  1. scott daily says:

    Hey just making sure. Did you use coroplast in the middle? Are there any pictures of your you attached the in-between?

    • Mario says:

      Sorry for the late response, coroplast on all tiles. Side panels were re-done to look like center tiles. Attachement was done with small zip ties. Three Small holes were done in tiles for zip ties.

  2. Danae says:

    Did you attach the triangle panels directly to your back wall? Or, are they hung from above? Would love to know the “how to” with that look. Thanks!

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