Special Event Design

You Turn

Joseph Britain from St Charles First Assembly of God in St Peters, MO brings us these road signs for their stage.

They did a sermon series called “U-Turns Allowed”. They created 10 oversized road signs (each tied to a sermon topic).

Their topics were:

  • U Turns Allowed – God of the Second Chance
  • No Parking – Evangelism
  • Wrong Way/One Way – Salvation
  • Curves Ahead – Reliance on God
  • Merge – Marriage
  • School Zone – Parenting
  • Slippery Road – Temptation
  • Yield – Lordship
  • Two Way Traffic – Non-Romantic Relationships

The signs were an easy and cheap build. Most were 8′ x 8′ squares turned on their sides to become diamonds. They used simple wooden frames with canvas drop cloths stretched over them and stapled. Then, using an overhead projector, they pencilled in the design, then painted them with reflective parking lot paint. Very easy and very low tech.



The Trenches Saved by the Boards