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Zig Zagged Cityscape

Adam Bretz from Gospel Mission in Paducah, KY brings us this zig zaggy skyscraper-looking stage design.

For this Disciple Now “Fan or Follower” design, they used ten 4X8 foam boards from Lowe’s to place on their stage. Then they took a Sharpie and outlined random vertical/horizontal lines with a t-square. They painted random colors on each panel and cut the boards with a burner gun from Lowe’s (this saved a lot of cleanup). They also used ProPresenter 5 for environmental worship. Total cost was around $200 for stage panel completion. Took 1 full day to complete.







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2 responses to “Zig Zagged Cityscape”

  1. Stephanie Dunn says:

    That weekend was a huge success! We are so thankful to have AB as our youth pastor!

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