Christmas Designs

12 Strands of Christmas

Robert Dennard from South Hills Assembly of God (Satellite Youth) in Bethel Park, PA brings us this mixture of lights and homemade trees.

For their Christmas design, Robert began by purchasing about 20 individual strands of Christmas lights. These cost them about $2 each at Home Depot or Lowes. He hung them at evenly spaced intervals along the back wall. This alone looked so great that they left it up for a number of months after the Christmas trees were taken down.

The trees were inspired by the “Strung and Jagged” design. Robert placed an eye hook in the ceiling and dropped a single piece of tying twine from it (clear w/green stripe twine) to a carabeaner. On the ground, he placed a square piece of plywood with evenly spaced eyehooks in a circle. The twine was run first through the eye hook and then run up to the top point, then back down through the next eye hook and so on.

Make sure your ceiling fixture is secured well. You do not want to begin tightening the twine and pull the whole thing out of the ceiling. Also, tighten the twine through the eyehooks throughout the process so that the tree does not twist and tangle. This will also prevent the twine from drooping or being uneven, which would look poor.

After tightening and retightening (several times) you are ready to tie off the twine to the last eye hook. They added some large ornaments to their trees, which are available at Home Depot or Lowes, but can become pricey when you purchase a lot of them. Dollar Stores were a good source for this.

On the bottom, they placed a white blanket, which they crumpled for a snow effect. They placed a SlimPar64 RGBA inside each tree and shined it upward, adjusting so that they had the best reflection off of the twine and ornaments.

christmas lights after christmas

christmas tree

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

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