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Strung and Jagged

Bill Pendleton from Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Township, Ohio brings us this Christmas set design.

They were inspired by String Theory and Flourished and Glistening.

They strung electricians’ twine with parachute cord to half moon shaped bases made of 2×4 blocks. Once the trees were positioned—roughly 13′ tall—they stapled the twine to the bases at 2″ apart, round the half moon. They laid iridescent plastic wrap at the edge of the round bases. Then they placed one Robe 575xt Color Wash inside each tree and hung a thin Par 64 above each tree.

They left the box shaped props up on the stage from their last series and wrapped then in white paper, silver, and gold wrapping foil.

Twine: $35
Polystyrene balls: $15
Wrapping paper and bows: $50
Iridescent wrap: $10
Large stars for tree tops: $20




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2 responses to “Strung and Jagged”

  1. Craig Taylor says:

    Do you have any pics of the tree bases close up or not finished and lit? Just curious. Thanks!

  2. Niko Pagni says:

    What is holding the trees up? And do you wrap the electricians twine along with the parachute cord?? I sure would like to know, as I was going to adhere something like this to the ceiling.

    Need help


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