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The Missing Links

Zach Griepenstroh from First Christian Church in Wilmington, IL brings us this barrel of monkeys design.

Their series title was “Together”. And they used the visual of a barrel of monkeys…so this was a natural stage design choice.

They used 1/4″ pink foam used for insulating metal roofing:
$36 for an accordion of 25 4×2 sheets.
20 lb. fishing line they had from a previous project (normally $10).
Razor blades to cut
Gallon of Red High Gloss Paint ($20)
Total cost: $66

They cut out the monkeys with razor blades, then hung them with fishing line. They also used the windows they already had so the stage wall wasn’t just one big blank wall.




Webbed Boxes Strung and Jagged

2 responses to “The Missing Links”

  1. Geoff says:

    Just a suggestion that might help others who are cutting foam board insulation. It’s way easier to cut it with a jigsaw, rather than a razor blade. I’ve used both and the jigsaw makes much cleaner lines.

    This is a very simple and nice stage set. Good job!

    • Zach says:

      Thanks Geoff. Would have never thought of a jigsaw. I would be afraid it would just rip the 1/4 inch stuff apart though. But definitely gonna try in the next time I use foam board. Thanks for the tip!

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