Stage Designs

Throwback: String Theory

Denny Weinman from Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, TX brings us this beautiful string sculpture.

The idea for this stage came from the work of a string artist. The artist used a lot of colored threading. He wanted something a little more plain he could bounce light off of and change mood and intensity of during worship. So he bought a 250 feet of cotton string from Home Depot (probably about 35-40 rolls). Then he bought 64 ft of 1x2x8′s and about 400 small/medium eye hooks. Total material cost: $160.

This stage design takes time. This piece took Denny about 4 days total from start to finish. Denny suggests you try different patterns with your base structure. He picked V’s because it worked well with their stage, but it could easily be other shapes and structures. Also note, the 1x2x8s are flimsy and will bend with the pressure and potentially break.

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