Christmas Designs

4th Grade Christmas

In Christmas 2009 we themed our stage at the Summit Church around a free graphic available at CreativeMYK. We cut out pieces of plywood in the shapes of various Christmas trees, painted them to match the image, then screwed them into the stage. We then created a cloud and star, then hung them from the ceiling with multiple threads of heavy strength fishing line.

To add a nice finishing touch to the whole schlemiel, we put some Christmas lights on the trees and voila!

We didn’t know it at the time, but there’s a free video background rendering of the same trees available on

Then get the free Photoshop file here: CreativeMYK

Note: Be very careful hanging the star…because if it gets angled wrong it will look strikingly like a pentagram. Not the type of thing you wanna rock on your stage during Christmas time…

Drat! Foiled Again Paper Lanterns