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Sparks Fly

Matt Ludik from Grace Family Church in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, South Africa, brings us these corrugated aluminum structures backed by pyrotechnics.

For a teaching series called “The Acts Revolution” and leading up to their 20th-year celebration, they experimented with corrugated iron. It was a cheap, striking material that lit well, and would look interesting on camera. They cut 45degree angles off the tops of the sheets with and angle grinder, to add some strong diagonal lines to the design.

They added a banner for their celebration service, and used pyrotechnics for the first time.

The real success story of this set was that after they were done with the set, we turned over the corrigated iron to their missions and justice team. They used the material to repair the roofs on the houses of several families in a local settlement. On top of being visually engaging on their stage, this set is also keeping people dry and safe from the elements.







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