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5 Worship Slide Design Ideas – January Edition

Ready for another round of slide design ideas? Here are five more to get you inspired.

As before, I’m using Visual Media Church visuals. If you’re wanting to match these looks exactly, you can subscribe for $10/month or just buy the packs a la carte.

Song: Worthy of Your Name
Background: Niagara
Font: Montserrat Regular (increase the letter spacing) – Free font
Download this transparent paint swatch PNG to put between the text and the motion background.

Song: Your Love Awakens Me
Background: Burst
Fonts: Proxima Nova Light (Typekit) and Bayshore ($)

Song: Love Won’t Let Me Down
Background: Summer Vibes
Font: League Gothic (Typekit)
Highlight certain words with a simple colorful box behind them. Use this color if you want to match what I did here: #ae4818.

Song: Peace Be Still
Background: Altitude
Font: Museo Slab Regular and Bold (Typekit)
This is a somewhat complicated effect considering how subtle it is. But I love the way it looks. Create two text layers with duplicate text. Make the background layer bold and black. Make the front layer thinner and increase the spacing. It creates a unique shadow effect for your text.

Song: So Will I (100 Billion X)
Background: Earth
Font: Proxima Nova Light and Proxima Nova Condensed Black
Highlight unique words or phrases from each chunk of text by creating a shadow of them behind your regular text. I’d personally highlight key thoughts or words, like “creation”, “wonder”, “so will I”, “galaxies”, etc.

What do you think of this round of ideas? Could you see yourself using some of these during your worship services?

Pallet Trees, Three Ways Throwback: Destroyed City

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