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Pallet Trees, Three Ways

Laura and Micah Reed from Chisholm AG in Chisholm, MN brings us this Christmas design.

From Laura and Micah: We did Christmas tree pallet stage design! Made two 14 ft tall trees of wood pallets. Cut them down added two by fours to the side and screwed them together! They weighted about 200 lbs a piece! Then we made 10 ft and 8 ft and 6 ft trees! We bolted them to the wall for safety and then added legs for the smaller trees to stand off the wall. We then took two pallets and put them together. Cut a tree shape out of one pallet and spray painted different colors to see the dimension. We got the pallets for free from a company. So we just bought spray paint, 2 by 4’s, chicken wire and cotton balls. Probably spent about 120 total. We made the snowman out of chicken wire and wrapped it with white lights. I sewed buttons on for nose eyes mouth! Added a scarf and top hat. Used branches for arms. Then made snow chandeliers of cotton balls and fishing wire! I sewed the fishing wire threw the cotton balls and dapped a touch of hot glue on each cotton ball to hold it on.

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2 responses to “Pallet Trees, Three Ways”

  1. Nancy Thompson says:

    Good stuff! What lights are you using to uplight the trees?

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