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5 Worship Slide Design Ideas

Ready for another round of slide design ideas? Here are five more to get you inspired.

As before, I’m using Visual Media Church visuals. If you’re wanting to match these looks exactly, you can subscribe for $10/month or just buy the packs a la carte.

Song: Behold (Then Sings My Soul)
Background: Nebula
Font: Lust (free if you have Adobe CC)
This look uses a simple translucent purple circle placed below the text. You can download the shape I used here.

Song: O Come All Ye Faithful
Background: Sparkle
Font: League Gothic (free if you have Adobe CC)
This is a simple shape with an outline placed beneath the text. You can download my shape here.

Song: No Other Name
Background: Alpine (or get Nubula, Sparkle, and Alpine for $30)
Font: Lust (free if you have Adobe CC)

Song: Tremble
Background: Midnight Sun
Font: League Gothic (free if you have Adobe CC)
I created a simple glitch shape for this song. It also has a tiny bit of color that changes the background you use (makes it easier to use multiple backgrounds from this pack and still have a cohesive color scheme. Get the shape here.

Song: Born is the King (It’s Christmas)
Background: Evergreen
Font: Baskerville (should be on your machine already)
Just use a dark great box to set off certain lines of the song. Fun way to add emphasis without being too heavy-handed.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using these looks at your church?

Throwback: Rocko's Modern Christmas Throwback: Conical Christmas

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