Christmas Designs

Throwback: Rocko’s Modern Christmas

Brian Leimone from The River Church in Lexington, NC brings us this Christmas design that reminds me of one of my favorite childhood cartoons. (From Dec 2011)

Their concept for the design came from my own design, 4th Grade Christmas. But they really made it their own.

  • First they built a forest of trees to mimic their series graphic. It was almost identical. The trees were built out of cardboard. They projected the tree design, traced, cut out, painted, and used extra cardboard to build their bases with duct tape.
  • Then they built a cabin using cardboard cement tubes (cut in half). The cabin was where the drummer would live during this series. Roof was cardboard with 1×1’s on it. Painted green.
  • They built stars out of metal wire
  • Then they added light boxes for presents. They used white paper over wooden frames.
  • The words “Christmas Presence” was cut out of Foamcore.
  • They also carried the design out to the lobby with a miniature version.

Total cost: $250.

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