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A Broken Screen

Zachary Ray from The Assembly of God Church in Kolkata, India brings us this stage design from their youth conference.

Every year their youth and young adults group has their annual youth conference – “RAVE: Radical And Vibrant Encounters”.

To make this set piece they used plywood, white cloth, hooks, nails, and fishing line to hang the broken pieces. Notice especially the projection on the top center shard.

Directional Chi City

5 responses to “A Broken Screen”

  1. John Beyer says:

    I had the opportunity to travel to India and work with this church and their youth…I have to say these guys are amazing and such a blessing! Way to go!

  2. Zachary Ray says:

    This stage design was from the Creative Minds of Clifford Fernandez and Rohan Satyvrata. Each year our Media and promotions team at AG Kolkata design our set for RAVE our annual Youth Conference!

  3. Polyana Silva says:

    Hello there,

    Love it! We are going with a concept of broken and I was looking for an idea that I could convey a broken glass. Perfect! Thanks you.

  4. Josh Layman says:

    This is a pretty sweet set! We are thinking about doing something similar in the youth wing of our church. I’m wondering how you achieved the projection of the words over the colored backdrop. Is it just forward projection with a black slide background, or rear projection? I don’t know much about lighting and all that, but it seems like the led backdrop would wash out the projected words.

    • Rohan says:

      The words are projected using front projection.The backdrop is white. The colour is obtained using LED lights. Hope this answers your question.

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