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Chi City

Mike Gerrells from Harvest Church in Billings, MT brings us this Chicago skyline.

They started by projecting the Chicago skyline onto 1/2″ MDF then cutting for 4 hours with a jig saw. After they cut out the face layer, they started building the 3D layer which involved adding 6″ to 8″ strips to the face to make it look thick like a building would be. Then they just painted it all with flat black paint, and used tons of screws and gaf tape it hold it all together.

A Broken Screen Bubble Wrap Streams

8 responses to “Chi City”

  1. Terrell Carter says:

    Looks great! Would like to know what the message/emphasis was, I’m from Chicago!

  2. Johnathan Ness says:

    alright, how often do you change your stage? and is it sermon based?

  3. matthew allen says:

    what about the glowing wall in the back what did you do for that?

  4. Mike says:

    Terrell – it was a evangelism message about telling your city about God. I picked the Chicago sky line because it had the most visual interest and looked the best.

    Johnathan – We do a new set with each series usually every 6 weeks. most are thematic because we like to get our people think about the message when they are walking in.

    Matthew – the wall is muslin fabric with LED strip light color washing them. the LED strips are behind the video screens.

  5. We would love to see those three screens in action!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Is that all wood? Do u think it’s possible to use card board?

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