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A Christmas Tri

Vaughn VanSkiver from Victory Highway Wesleyan Church in Painted Post, NY brings us this Christmas set with trees and large columns.

Vaughn was inspired by Tree’s Company. The trees were two-sided and hinged – covered with white polyester penne fabric. They added strands of white christmas tree lights. The tree heights were 2′, 4′, 6′ & 8′. Then they also added five-sided 18′ columns covered in two way stretch polyester fabric. They lit the set with Par 64 LED cans.

The tree lights and LEDs were all operated independently – giving them versatility to create a light show for the Tran-Siberian Orchestra’s arrangement of Carol of the Bells.

This was a collaborative effort of their set design team: Ernie & Jeanette Stanton, Vaughn & Joyce VanSkiver, Steve Stone & Dave Homer.

Pushers Line 'Em Up

4 responses to “A Christmas Tri”

  1. James Tucker says:

    Any more info on the columns in the background? looks really great.

  2. Dave Homer says:

    Each column is made up of 30 rectangles made of 1″x2″ pine. Each rectangle is 14″w x 3’h. The top and bottom pieces of each rectangle were cut at 22.5 deg. so that when they are screwed together, they form a semicircle. Sections were made using 5 rectangles screwed together and then wrapped in fabric. Then sections were stacked on top of each other and screwed together.

  3. Nate Mac says:

    Hey, did you make your Christmas trees to the same specifications as “Tree’s Company”? Or did you make them of lighter materials? They seemed pretty heavy duty in the other. I’m looking to make them the way yours look but make them smaller and hinged for use at a portable campus.

    Do you have your spec’s for the different sizes / materials you used? Thanks, great look and feel!

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