Easter Designs

A Crowning Achievement

Gene Holley Jr from Life Tabernacle Church in Wichita Falls, Texas brings us this circular crown of thorns sitting on top of their congregation.

They made their 9′ crown of thorns out of 32 pool noodles! They bought them for $1 each at a dollar store. They inserted wire through the open cavity in the middle of the noodles and they connected the noodles together with 4″ dowels and duct tape.

They used a heat gun to melt the noodles to look uneven like twigs would be. Then they painted it all brown. On top of the brown they used 3 different shades of brown spray paint to make them look like twigs.

They made the thorns out of brown kraft paper that they rolled into different sized spikes and taped with clear tape. Then they attached the thorns to the noodles with T-pins. They sprayed the larger end of each thorn with dark brown paint. Then they hung the crown with large fishing line and bent it some more in midair to look even more uneven.

Then they hung white muslin fabric to the wall and lit the wall panels. We also had red lights under the crown.

Rescued Thread Metal Times Four