Special Event Design

Rescued Thread

Greg Springer from First Christian Church in Norfolk, NE brings us this design straight from the sewing kit.

They used 3/4″ cotton welt cord from Hobby Lobby that they hand-dyed red. Tip: To keep the fragile welt cord from fraying at the ends during dying, tie a strong around the ends.

On the right they stretched burlap over a frame, distressed the edge with scissors, then cut slits and weaved pieces of cording through it to make it look like it was sewn. They doubled up the cord for the word to make sure it stood out. They ran bailing wire down the center of the cording to give it structure so it helped conceal the points where it was hung by fishing line from the ceiling.

They made the needle out of two pieces of wood dowel. They sanded and carved the “eye” of the needle from a larger diameter dowel using band and scroll saws. Then they glued it all together with small a connection dowel and spray painted it silver.

The spool has a 1×2 wood frame, with 1/2″ osb round end caps for a substructure. They covered it with white poster board. They attached two circles of 1.5″ polystyrene foam to the plywood ends to create the ends of the spool.

Total cost was just over $100 (doesn’t include accent lighting and cloth pillars, which they already had).

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