Stage Designs

Ribbon Dance

Isaiah Franco from Sandals Church in Riverside, California brings us this great modification of Tape Burst.

While the Tape Burst folks used packing tape, Isaiah opted for 3-inch white ribbon (less chance of it sticking to itself).

They needed another knockout design after their paint can stage, and they loved the simplicity of this concept.

They connected each ribbon strand to a random point in the room that was roughly 35-40 feet away from the center of their stage wall. They also connected a few ribbons inside the square arch on their stage. They secured all the ribbon using black gaff tape.

It took about 3 hours and they had 4 people working on it to get it all set up. They went for a balanced look without going symmetrical.

After all the ribbons were connected, they set up 8 LEDs to light different areas of the ribbons. That gave them control to either mix colors or use intensity chases to make it look like streaks of light. Their MAC 500s also helped to achieve this effect.

Lessons learned: pay more attention to what the room is going to do when all lights and HVAC are fired up.

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