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A Questionable Stage

Sean Smallman from Gracespring Bible Church in Richland, MI brings us this question-filled stage.

Their Easter message was entitled “Doubt to Dancing”. They kicked off the series by asking the congregation to write down a question/concern/doubt that was becoming a roadblock in their relationship with God.

They wrote these down on a standard sheet of paper that, on the back side, had a single, simple, large question mark.

Then they took the question marks with everyone’s doubt and lined the stage walls to serve as a reminder during the Easter season.

First they took 20 ft. sections of mono-fillament (fishing line) and tied on paperclips every 16 inches.

Then they attached the strings of paperclips to the ceiling and gaff taped them the the floor about every foot. They left about a foot of space between the line and the wall to allow the sheets to revolve freely in the air currents.

Then a simple 1,500 copy job gave them the sheets with the question marks that were slipped into the paperclips.

Total cost was about $50. Plus a frustratingly long time tying paperclips and the untangling fishing line.

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One response to “A Questionable Stage”

  1. Dorcas Kariuki says:

    I like the the Question idea.We have a similar ideas for our month April sermon series about forgiveness.We will ask the congregation to pin the papers on tw0 7 foot crosses and small crosses allover our sanctuary.Am actually borrowing the idea for our decor this month.

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