Stage Designs

Lights and Flowers

Evan Courtney and his team from The Fields Church in Mattoon, Illinois bring us this creative stage from their Easter service.

To open the service, the stage had a couple 55 galloon drums spray painted and a cross/memorial of Jesus’ death.

Throughout the service they slowly transitioned the stage to a bright white scene to show the congregation the transition from dark to light.

To create the transition some of their kids:

  • Removed the trash bags that were in the 55 galloon drums, and turned them over, and added a white table cloth, lamp and a vase of daisies.
  • Removed the memorial of Jesus’ death.
  • Added 10-12 tables covered with table clothes and table lamps, and also added a couple floor lamps.
  • Placed several vases of white flowers on the tables and stage.

While the kids were doing hat, two teams were painting 20′ lilies on white fabric as it was raised into the air.

Then they passed out white flowers to the congregation.

The spread three 30′ white pieces of fabric into the crowd that they passed over their heads from the front to the back. Then they released 200 balloons at the front of the stage (which actually spontaneously turned into balloons being hit into the air from person to person).

Pretty cool way to transform a room!

String Curtain Light Cross