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A Royal Tannenbaum

This yule jewel comes to us from Beckie Campbell at First Church of God in Vero Beach, Florida. They needed a versatile set for a production with dramatic stories of grief and loss followed by pop dances…while still maintaining a “Christmas in Florida” feel.

The tree was created from corrugated plastic piping found at Home Depot covered with a spandex sock. They twisted the piping and held it together with wire ties. They then added a star to the top. To display the very heavy tree they hung it with tie line from the ceiling and laid the rest onto the floor.

The round bulbs were made from table tops that they painted white and spray glued with glitter. They were hung(with care) with tie line covered with 2″ wide ribbons. The long bulbs were made out of hard plastic-type cardboards painted and glittered.

Imagine All the People The Weave

One response to “A Royal Tannenbaum”

  1. Jill Bryant says:

    love the tree on the right side of the stage. How was it made?

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