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Imagine All the People

In the month of August, The Life Church of Memphis saw 1338 people give their lives to Christ in their services. To celebrate, the creative team build this stage design with exactly 1338 little people. The people were made from corrugated plastic on a spray painted wall. Check out the recap video to see their stage and what’s going on over there.

Thanks to Janice Pritchett and the @lifechurchcre8v team for the design!

Move Me A Royal Tannenbaum

6 responses to “Imagine All the People”

  1. Trevor says:

    I go to Life Church and I got to admit, that was a great stage. It was one of my favorites we've had over the years, plus it's just a lot of people and that was very exciting to see and to think about all the ways God is awesome.

  2. silentfool says:

    I wonder if they added one just to keep it from being 1337?

  3. JRLC says:

    Great job Life Church Creative Team!

  4. pastorderik says:

    I didnt mean that these churches discourage me by their designs…I just mean that it is discouraging looking at the obstacles that I am facing when looking at moving in this direction! Sorry! Just needed to clarify.

    • No worries! :) A little secret I've discovered from all the "big church people"…none of them feel equipped to accomplish their visions…nobody is ever content with their equipment and facilities…but they do amazing things anyways. Real creativity happens within constraints. :)

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