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Move Me

Tyler Jacobs, an entertainment lighting designer designed this set for a special event at Heritage United Methodist Church in Clearwater, Florida. Their theme was “Move” and required a set that was extremely easy to setup. (Only 5 hours to load-in and program.)

So to transform the traditional look of the sanctuary for the event, Tyler opted for everyone’s favorite: coroplast! He used 4 black sheets (4mm thick) and cut out letters using a projector. He then mounted 4 uncut white sheets with gaff tape to the black sign. (Coroplast comes in 4’x8′ sheets for about $12 each from any local plastics manufacturer or sign shop.)

The whole set was zip-tied to pipe used for pipe and drape (they can be rented for a low cost, much less than trussing).

To light the letters, Tyler used 20 Elation Design Brick 12’s with 3 lights for each letter. Check out the video to see what it ¬†looked like live. (no audio)

Rexcued Imagine All the People

3 responses to “Move Me”

  1. Tyler Jacobs says:

    We just used a utility knife. Don't worry about being too precise with cutting it out. When it's on stage and lit up, you can't see all the little mistakes.

  2. Mark Estrada says:

    could you help me out and tell me what the coroplast is for? This is the first time I'm hearing about it and where can you find it?

    • Hey Mark! Coroplast (or corrugated plastic) is the stuff real estate signs are made out of. It's lightweight and inexpensive. It costs about $12 for a 4'x8' sheet and comes in many different colors…including translucent ones. A lot of the designs on this site use coroplast because it's so lightweight and versatile. Hope that helps!

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