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A Stable in Bethlehem

Joel Van Mersbergen from North County Christ the King in Lynden, WA brings us this stable with the silhouetted Bethlehem on a hill in the background.

The hills were created with 1″ thick 4’x8′ sheets of styrofoam supported by wood frames. They were cut with a Foam Hot Knife.

The sihouette of Bethlehem was printed on adhesive vinyl and attached to 1/4″ Coroplast then cut out with an exacto knife.

In between the front hill with Bethlehem and the rear hill there were 5 Elation Opti Tri 30 LED lights.

The stable was made from old wood from an old church in town being remodeled. It was all attached to 2″x2″ frames. The roof was attached but reinforced with aircraft cable attached to uni-strut on the ceiling.

The stars were also cut from the 1″ foam, sprayed with glitter paint, and suspended by fish line from the ceiling.






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2 responses to “A Stable in Bethlehem”

  1. I love the sense of depth this set design creates. Stage silhouettes (landscape/cityscape) create great visual depth perception and imaginative space for the viewer. Our church did a similar silhouette build a few years ago, it’ been my favorite.

  2. Neville Lauridsen says:

    Wow looks fantastic.!!
    You must have looked out our manger set from a few years ago. Nearly identical.

    Nice work.


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