Christmas Designs

Sparkle Trees

Beau Riffey from Freedom Worship Center in Knoxville, TN brings us this Christmas design on a shoestring budget.

They are a relatively small church with a sanctuary that seats about 100-120 people. They have a very low ceiling and not much stage to work with. Having the screens on either side of the stage also posed a challenge. Normally, they just do a pretty traditional design but this year their pastor wanted something a little different. He and his wife cut down some small trees from a wooded area and stripped them of all their leaves. Then they painted them white and he put them into a bucket of quick setting concrete. Then they wrapped them with white lights (with white wires) and lined them across the back of the stage. They took down the beaded curtains and replaced them with stars cut from foam core board in various sizes and painted with silver glitter paint.







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