Easter Designs

A Stream from the Cross

Jayson Oldham from Ladner Baptist Church in Delta, BC, Canada brings us their Easter stage design based on when Jesus said, “I thirst.”

To illustrate the horrors of the passion and the concept of thirst, Jayson used the images of a rusty iron cross and an empty well.

For Easter Sunday, everything transformed. The cross became a fountain, the stream flowed with water, and the well became full. From death to life, empty to full.

The cross was made from rebar, tack welded together. The crown of thorns was made from the metal wrap the rebar came bundled in, along with rusty nails welded on.

The chain ran from top to bottom and the plexiglass panels just provided a little color. The reservoirs for the well and the base of the cross were plastic barrels, and the stream was a plywood trough covered in plastic wrap and lined with rocks. They used a pond pump in the well to recycle the water back up to the top of the cross.

They added plants for Easter morning. This was a very low cost endeavor. Rebar was cheap. The rocks and plants were borrowed. The pond pump was also borrowed.







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