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A Three for One Special

Check out these three different designs from Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first design was used for a Good Friday service. The intention was to create a low-key and reflective atmosphere. The second design is a simple spandex pull…stretching spandex fabric between two points. The third design was accomplished by hanging coffee can lids painted gray.

Thanks to Rik Hedlund for the submissions!

Truss and Coroplast Glowry!

6 responses to “A Three for One Special”

  1. Matt Shaffer says:

    Great work peeps! Great work! You have truly inspired me. I love the paint can idea and will have to simulate it sometime in the near future. Thanks,

  2. Andrew Hunt says:

    Very nice. I agree with Matt…the can lids are a creative idea for budgets. Double bonus: you’d have enough coffee to keep all the volunteers awake during stage change week. :)

  3. I believe they were hung with fishing line.

  4. Stan y. says:

    Hi, can you help as, What kind of spandex #…. need to use for light boxes on church stage? I wanna put my led lights pars behind spandex panels .I dont know exacly what type and # of spandex need to use for it. Thanks. Stan.

  5. Jack Hogan says:

    Can you tell me the size of the 3 crosses in the first picture and how you made them?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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