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Truss and Coroplast

Another design from Duke Dejong when he worked at First Assembly of God in Cedar Rapids, IA. This design satisfied the need for a modern, simple design with clean lines and infinite color options.

They used 1′ box trussing covered with spandex covering lit from both the inside top and bottom with LED fixtures.  This allowed for the truss to be lit all one color or to have a two tone effect.  The panels were built using 1×3’s painted black for the 16 foot by 4 foot framing and then Choroplast sheets were used to fill in the framing.  The panels were hung from the ceiling with some simple, black wire and then they were lit from the rear with LED fixtures to produce more of a glowing effect as opposed to the brighter look we would’ve gotten from lighting them from the front.

Duke Dejong:

The Fog (aka: The Haze) A Three for One Special

One response to “Truss and Coroplast”

  1. Tamara Sykes says:

    Thank you for this beautiful design and for making the instructions so clear. I have looked at a lot of sights looking for ideas; think I've found the right one!

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