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Adele, Perry, and Gaga in Church

Kristine Corona and her team at Victory University Belt in Manila, Philippines brings us these three designs inspired by Katy Perry, Lady Gage, and Adele stages.

Their youth outreach series was called “Cats, Monsters, and Broken Hearts”. The base of the stage consisted of three golden arcs inspired by the stage design from the 2009 VMA’s. Every week the stage was altered by adding objects that would remind people of the featured artist.

Week 1 – Cats, huge lollipops, and a large candy cane – Katy Perry
Week 2 – Monsters and golden irregular polygons – Lady Gaga
Week 3 – Broken Hearts and a white grand piano – Adele


  • Arcs – styrofoam, gold metallic paper, silver glitters, rustic gold paint
  • Lollipops – styrofoam, bright colored paint, glitters
  • Candy Cane – styrofoam, cellophane, paint
  • Polygons – styrofoam, crumpled gold metallic foil
  • Grand Piano – styrofoam, glitters, electric tape


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12 responses to “Adele, Perry, and Gaga in Church”

  1. I love the arches with the three dimensional effect. It has the look of some of the televised award shows that that were designed by top tier set designers. ( That is what I thought even before I read the print about the 2009 VMA’s). It looks great and I love the creativity that went into it to make it look like a million bucks but was made out of styrofoam. I also like that you used current influences from todays culture to to get the look. The title of this design, which you didn’t label, the editor did, may turn off some religious people, but the design is well done, current and is what the people in todays culture are used to seeing.

    • Kristine says:

      Thank you! hehe
      actually thats the idea, to get the attention of the young people by using pop-culture. We preached, Katy Perry (Teenage dream)- PURPOSE, Lady Gaga (Born this way) IDENTITY and Adele (Someone like you) -Relationship. :)

  2. Rev. M. Dent says:

    We preached, Katy Perry (Teenage dream)- PURPOSE, Lady Gaga (Born this way) IDENTITY and Adele (Someone like you) -Relationship. :)

    How sad for the youth in attendance!

    In the Christian Church, “We preach Christ and Him crucified,” (1 Corinthians 1:23) not petty pop-idols and self-esteem.

    • Bob Turner says:

      Rev. M. Dent –

      Thank you for the correction & exhortation for the sake of the gospel! :)
      Bless you brother!!

      • Kristine says:

        I appreciate the concern (we get a lot of that), but we also get the students to attend the services. We also don’t suggest it to other churches who don’t know the context of the series. :) Don’t worry we still preach the core of the gospel. The goal is only to hook the young people to listen to the word -with out compromising the message.

  3. jackie says:

    ah churches worshipping worldly acts….classic

  4. Jade says:

    Great Idea. As someone who has worked with youth, I like your idea. Kids and youth are exposed to so much that it is hard for the church to compete. With clever ideas like this, it makes the kids feel like church is relatable and not just for perfect people. Also, if you teach crucifixion every week, it will become boring to them like it or not. Kids these days need to be taught how to be a Christian in every day life and teaching on relationships, identity, and purpose are important and the way to do so. I would like to know one youth group that is thriving where all that is taught is the crucifixion. Kids face so many things today that more life lessons are required. However, all of these topics you speak of are surrounded by Jesus I am sure.
    Great Idea and ignore those that are still living fifty years ago. Grasping a youth group’s attention these days and keeping them interested in the church is a difficult task, and I admire you for thinking outside of the box.

    • Kristine says:

      Thanks Jade, thats actually the idea :) to catch their attentions of the young people- for them to hear the truth about purpose, identity and godly relationships. we even catch the attention of the catholic community. Lets just pray how it will turn out :)

  5. Kristine says:

    you might be interested to listen to the podcast.

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